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Holy city Medina

Holy city Medina
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Medina is a city located in west- central Saudi Arabia. The prophet Muhammad migrated to Medina to teach here for few years, before his rejoicing return to Mecca. It is the second holy city of Islam and thus receives millions of Islamic travelers every year who descend here for Hajj pilgrimage. This is a home for many renowned mosques, but the three oldest mosques of Islam and most visited ones are Al- Masjid an Nabawi, Quba Mosque, and Masjid al- Qiblatain.

Hajj Pilgrimage:

Medina receives highest number of visitors during Hajj. It is a holy duty that must be carried out by every able- bodied Muslim once in his lifetime who could afford to do so. Hajj occurs from 8th – 12th day of the last month of the Islamic calendar year, i.e. of Dhu al-Hijjah. As the Islamic calendar is lunar, thus the dates of the pilgrimage changes every year.



Medina, like rest of the Middle Eastern countries has hot and arid climate. Summers here last long and temperature soars really high, whereas winter falls here for quite a short period from November to February. Winters are the best time to visit hither and to explore the unique cultural richness of this enchanting city.



Markets here provide you with an amazing opportunity to fill you bags with whatever you can. Most of the shops in Medina are replete with prayer rugs, copies of the Holy Quran, Azan sounding clocks, holey pictures, Tasveeh, religious CD’s, which you can take along with you as souvenirs to gift your loved ones. Apart from this you can shop for branded clothes, accessories, and other goods at the high- end shopping malls and markets hither.


Satisfying your taste buds:

From whichever corner you are, Medina serves you with your favorite cuisine. You may find Bangladeshi, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Egyptian, Pakistani and many other restaurants which can relish your taste buds to the fullest. If you are a die-hard fan of junk food and burgers and pizzas, then McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and KFC are also available here.


No, No to Alcohol

Like many other Saudi Arabian countries, alcohol is strictly prohibited. There is no way you can find your favorite drinks here that can take you high. So follow the laws of the city and don’t even try to carry it along with you as you might end yourself in some trouble with the authorities at the airport.



Whatever is your wallet size, you will get a perfect hotel to spend your days and nights at. Many high-end to low-budget hotels are dotted inside the Medina’s territory, just search one exactly fitting to your budget and demands and leave for the spiritual journey.

With the above information, now you can plan a perfect vacation for yourself in Medina, during your coming holidays.
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