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Privacy Policy

JW Medical Systems Limited Web Site Privacy Policy
This Web Site is operated by JW Medical Systems Limited, a company with itsmain headquarters located in Weihai, Shandong , China.
This Privacy Policy sets forth the JW Medical Systems Limited ( JWMS , we , orus ) policies regarding the collection and use of information relating to theSite. When we refer to JWMS, we or us, we mean our entire company, includingour affiliates and subsidiaries throughout the world.
Certain areas of the Site contain information intended only for licensedmedical professionals. Accordingly, JWMS reserves the right to limit access tocertain areas of the Site. This Policy addresses our privacy practices relatingto general use of our Site as well as its use by any registered user in caseswhere registration is available or required.
InformationWe Collect and how we use it
Personally Identifiable Information ( Personal Information ) is informationthat can be used to identify or contact you, such as your name, email address,telephone number or similar information. JWMS only collects PersonalInformation that you choose to share with us, such as when (1) contacting usvia the Site (by clicking on the "Contact " button at the top of eachweb page), (2) submitting your resume online in response to a job posting, (3)registering online for an event or course, or, (4) upon registration for accessto those areas of our Site intended only for licensed medical professionals.
At this time, registration is not permitted on this Site, however, JWMS maychoose to make registration available in the future. In such case, if you wishto register, and if you are a licensed medical professional, you must provideus with certain Personal Information, including your name, profession, emailaddress, postal mail address, title and clinical affiliation. We will use thisPersonal Information to review and verify your registration information. We mayuse your Personal Information to send periodic marketing or promotional notices(periodic updates on devices, clinical trials, events and other news relatingto your profession, collectively Marketing Materials ) to you, provided youexpressly consented to receiving such information when registering formembership, or notify you of any changes to this Policy. You can always opt-outof receiving these communications from us by following the "opt-out"procedures described below.
We may also use your Personal Information to improve our marketing efforts,statistically evaluate site usage, improve our Site or customize our Site'scontent, layout and services.
Any information you provide to JWMS must be true, accurate, current,non-misleading, and consistent and relevant for the purpose for which you areproviding the information. If you are a registered user, you must have theauthority to provide the information submitted to and through the Site, andunderstand and agree that we may from time to time verify such authority.
If your Personal Information is submitted through the Site when applying for aposition with JWMS, your Personal Information will be used solely for thepurpose of accepting and evaluating you for the position. We may retain yourPersonal Information as long as it is necessary to the purpose of consideringyour application for current or future positions at JWMS. This information maybe shared within JWMS as well as with third party service providers contractedby us to collect and maintain candidate submissions for job postings.
If you contact JWMS via the Site, we will only use your Personal Informationcontained in your email to respond to your specific inquiry or comments in theemail. We may retain your email for as long as it necessary to provide you withthe information you requested. In addition, subject to your express consent, wemay use your Personal Information to send you periodic Marketing Materials. Usage Data
The Site automatically tracks certain information about your behavior whilevisiting the Site. The information gathered includes only the URL from whichyou accessed this Site, and which URL you visit next. We collect and store thisaggregate information, in order to measure the Site's performance and improvethe Site's design and functionality. We may also share this aggregateinformation with third parties to illustrate how the Site is used and for othermarketing purposes.
JWMS does not use "cookies" or "session cookies" which isinformation stored in a browser's memory and passed back to the applicableserver whenever a request for a new page on the Site is made.
Useand Disclosure
Subject to applicable law, the recipients of Personal Information within JWMSare mainly the Marketing Group. However, if JWMS receives an inquiry that canbe more appropriately addressed by another department, your inquiry (includingyour Personal Information if you have provided it) will be forwarded to theJWMS department best able to answer your question. These include, but are notlimited to: product divisions, sales, human resources, and Marketing.
In addition, we and our Service Providers (as described below) may discloseyour Personal Information: To unaffiliated third parties that are undercontract to perform services in relation with the purposes set forth in thisPolicy for or on behalf of JWMS ( Service Providers ), and are required touphold and maintain JWMS's policies with respect to privacy and the treatmentof your Personal Information ( e.g. vendors maintaining our computer databasesor performing marketing activities for JWMS relating solely to servicesprovided by JWMS and its affiliates);
To other relevant persons in relation with the purposes of this privacy policyas permitted by applicable law or regulation, such as regulatory and legalbodies .
To law enforcement personnel and agencies, or as part of a legal process, inorder to protect our property or in furtherance of an investigation regarding abreach of the Site rules and policies, unauthorized access to or use of theSite or any other illegal activities.
Any access to such information will be limited to the purpose for which suchinformation was provided to our affiliate, subsidiary or Service Provider. Ouraffiliates, subsidiaries and Service Providers may be located throughout theworld. Accordingly, information may be sent worldwide, including countrieswhich do not provide for an equivalent level of data protection than the oneprovided in your country.
Consentto Processing
By using our Site, or providing information to JWMS, you understand andunambiguously consent to the collection, processing, transfer and use ofinformation in the People'sRepublic of China and other countries and territories, for the purposes setforth in this Policy. You are informed of and hereby consent to the collection,processing and disclosure by JWMS of your Personal Information as describedunder this Policy, including but not limited to the transfer of your PersonalInformation between JWMS's Service Providers, affiliates and subsidiaries inaccordance with this Policy.
Opt-Out Choices
To "opt-out" of (1) receiving communications from JWMS (except forcommunications necessary for your use of the Site), (2) having your personallyidentifiable information disclosed to third parties for marketing purposes, or(3) any other consent previously granted for a specific purpose concerning yourpersonally identifiable information, send an e-mail to JWMS atinfo@jwmsgrp.com.
You may also opt-out of receiving Marketing Material electronically by clickingon a link available at the end of each marketing communication we may send you.By clicking on the link, you will be re-directed to an "email removal request form". Please check the box on the form if you do not wish to receive furtherMarketing Material related emails from us. Your name will then be removedpromptly from our mailing list.
Other Web Sites
This Policy applies only to www.Jwmedicalsystems.com. JWMS, its affiliates andsubsidiaries operate many web sites for different purposes and in multiplejurisdictions where local laws may apply. This Site includes links to both ouraffiliated sites and to non-JWMS web sites, including access to content,products and services of such affiliated and non-affiliated sites ( Other Sites). In some cases, these Other Sites are made available via "framingtechnology", and may appear to be part of this Site. However, prior toaccessing Other Sites or non-JWMS content via the JWMS Site, a dialogue boxwill inform you that you are about to leave the Site, and will prompt you foryour consent to proceed Although some of the entities controlling these framedsites are under contract with JWMS, we urge you to familiarize yourself withthe individual privacy and other terms for each linked or framed site prior tosubmitting your Personal Information.
Saleor Transfer of Information
In the event of a sale, merger, liquidation, dissolution, or sale or transferof substantially all of the assets of JWMS, registration data and/or Usage Datacollected about you from the Site may be sold, assigned, or transferred to theparty acquiring all or substantially all of the equity and/or assets of JWMS inorder to permit the party to continue the operation of the Site, including therestricted areas. Subject to your ability to opt-out as described above, byusing this Site and submitting your information to us, you are informed andconsent to the sale and transfer of your information as described in thisparagraph.
JWMS takes seriously the security of the information it collects. JWMS hastherefore implemented technology and security policies and procedures intendedto reduce the risk of accidental destruction or loss, or the unauthorizeddisclosure or access to, such information, reasonably appropriate to the natureof the data concerned.
Our Site is not generally intended for use by children under the age of 14, andJWMS does not knowingly collect Personal Information from children in this agegroup. If we become aware that a user under the age of 14 has registered or isattempting to register, we will notify the user that he or she is not eligiblefor registration. We will then expunge any related Personal Information fromour records.
Updatesto Privacy Policy
JWMS may, in its sole discretion, update this Policy at any time and from timeto time, by posting the amended Policy on this Site. The amended Policy shallbe effective upon posting and your access to or use of the Site following anupdate shall be deemed consent to the revised Policy. If you are a registereduser, amendments to this Policy may be sent to you via email or such other formof communication as you have requested. We urge each visitor to refer back tothis page regularly and especially prior to providing or updating any PersonalInformation. This Policy may not be otherwise amended without the writtenconsent of JWMS. This Policy was last updated on November 14, 2011.
Contact,Questions, Comments, Complaints
If you would like to communicate with JWMS regarding privacy issues or havequestions, comments or complaints about this Policy or Site, please forwardsuch communication to: info@jwmsgrp.com.
We confirm that this Policy and all related documentation will be drafted inChinese. The original and controlling version of our agreement shall be theversion using the Chinese language. All translations of this agreement intoother languages shall be for the convenience of the visitors only, and shallnot control the meaning or application of this Policy. All notices and othercommunications required or permitted by this Policy must be in Chinese, and theinterpretation and application of such notices and other communications shallbe based solely on the Chinese language version thereof.

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