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JWMS has been always insisting on practical talent development strategy, attaching importance not only to the discovering and cultivation of innovative talents, but also to the creation of a professional team with dreams and passion. By establishing the transparent communication platform, we encourage employees to think actively, expansively and innovatively, seeking stable and practical development and attaching great importance and actively adopt the rational suggestion of employees with substantial incentives.

JWMS believes the great importance of praising and awarding those progressive, honest and sincere employees. As the prime resource and first productivity for the stable development of an enterprise, a unique development system and management mechanism, upon long-term practicing and exploring, has been gradually formed in selecting, recruiting, cultivating and keeping talents. Through the smooth employees' career development channel, competitive compensation incentive mechanism, multi-level training system and Employee Care Program, JWMS continues to increase employee satisfaction, strengthen the spirit of the team and realize the development of both employees and the company .So we continuously sitting up a solid foundation to be one of the best employers.

Talent Concept&Strategy

People oriented open-minded, innovative, cultivation and development.

Career Development

Based upon the competence, character of employees, JWMS has established a qualification model and helped employees in professional career planning .We provide them accessible &diversified career development channels : internal recommendation, recruitment, transfer and promotion according to the job requirement and their career interest.    

Compensation &Incentive Mechanism

According to the corporate development, market situation, industrial dynamics and other factors, JWMS has formulated a well-designed scientific and competitive compensation welfare system .We persist in the performance oriented culture .This Compensation &Incentive System combines the performance evaluation and the qualification model altogether.  

Training System

JWMS integrates the internal and external education and training resources for its training mode .This includes academic education, technical certification and professional knowledge learning in diversified forms through internal instructor training, university-enterprise cooperation and training at professional institutions. According to different training requirement, JWMS formulates individualized programs and courses for building talent development platform for each people. This includes a series of talent retainment introduction, cultivation, growth, selection and engagement.

Employee Care Program

JWMS established an Employee Care Program .We are randomly organizing employees to undertake diversified sports & social activities to enrich their social life. In different modes, we dedicate to help employees particularly in resolving actual problems. JWMS values & cares the physical health of employees. The senior executives lead and encourage employees to actively undertake physical exercise on a regular basis. In addition, JWMS also provides employees with social security, wedding presents and other welfares. And the company is committed to continuing to increase employees' satisfaction and enthusiasm.

Recruitment System

JWMS recruitment system consists of public recruitment, special recruitment and campus recruitment. By actively exploring the introduction and model of talents pool, it continues expanding the talent introduction channel and mode, enhancing the introduction of high-quality professional talents and by carrying out the public recruitment, university-enterprise cooperation and student practice scheme, the company also lures more elite talents who accept the corporate culture of JWMS and join in the big family of JWMS. Carry on the corporate spirit of approaching the future with passion JWMS creates the professional and international team of excellence.

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